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Nestled somewhere between stand-up comedy and storytelling, ‘You Better DON’T!’ is a weekly(ish) seven(ish)-minute podcast featuring unscripted banter and musings from award-winning comedians Lisa Schwartzman and Steven Shehori. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Zune, Tunein, or Miro. Oh, and for the love of balls tell your friends.

Should humans be replaced with CGI? Do dogs find things funny? Should men experience labor pains? Just a typical badass convo from Steven and a sleep-deprived Lisa.

Lisa and Steven consider how much physical hardship they’d endure for money.

Lisa reels Steven into the head-scratching world of extreme ironing. Then the two of them bitch about the fact people always ask if they’ve banged each other.

Lisa sticks Tic Tacs in her ears for some crazy f*cking reason.

As little kids, Lisa and Steven went to extreme lengths to make disgusting food vanish from their dinner plates. Unfortunately, their lack of foresight led to some unsettling consequences.

Lisa’s toddler has become resentful of her hectic work schedule. Fortunately, it’s Steven to the rescue! #Smart #Wisdom

Episode 69, brah! Whoo! Here’s a riddle. Q: When is a lemonade stand not a lemonade stand? A: When pre-teen Lisa gets her damn mitts on it.

Steven (a hero) regales Lisa with a recent true-to-life tale of ridesharing, Russians, and the possible annihilation of all life as we know it.

Think Kardashian-style ‘vocal fry’ is grating? Lisa’s found something much, much worse. Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate what a sexy voice Steven has. (Ladies?)

All Steven wants to do is smack a few balls out of the park. Why can’t Lisa support his dream?