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Nestled somewhere between stand-up comedy and storytelling, ‘You Better DON’T!’ is a weekly(ish) seven(ish)-minute podcast featuring unscripted banter and musings from award-winning comedians Lisa Schwartzman and Steven Shehori. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Zune, Tunein, or Miro. Oh, and for the love of balls tell your friends.

Lisa threatens Steven with violence, then shares an embarrassing Wonder Years-esque tale of teenage humiliation.

Lisa and Steven discuss meat, Hollywood Boulevard mascots, and Target. #America

While Lisa tells a coupla tales about childhood anguish, Steven turns heel on You Better DON’T! listeners (just for the hell of it). 

Lisa reveals her true motive for visiting Steven in Los Angeles: an obsession with tasting Bubba Gump shrimp.

Steven details point by point how Lisa is an abject failure compared to her far more talented parents.

Lisa’s misophonia (a clinical hatred of certain sounds) gets seriously triggered when Steven attempts to sync up their audio with a mouth full of cookies.

Steven’s home in Los Angeles features a wondrous, magical swath of agave-based real estate. And if Lisa plays her cards right, she just might get to soak in its glory.

Lisa rams Steven with a hard lesson on the future of tactile, web-based sexual experiences.

Lisa harkens back to the fateful day she met both Steven and her husband. Bonus: naked people and larvae!

Lisa recounts the chilling tale of an over-exuberant dog walker who dared cross the feces-refrigerator barrier.

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