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In this overly sensitive world, people are too often asked, or forced to censor themselves. Comedian, Nick Beaton, refuses to accommodate this request. He will take on all topics as he sees fit. His guests will come from all over the entertainment community, and beyond. Listen, as with the help – or detriment of – his guests, as he attempts to logically deconstruct the absurd world we live in. As a comedian who has toured all over the world, and uses his hard hitting, logical style, to change the way people look at the world, Nick Beaton warns you before you listen, this is not a safe space! Music credit to

On this episode I sit down with Dom ParéDom is a fantastic comedian, and contrarian.  Although for a contrarian, he has some pretty solid points of few.  We talk about how people have no idea how to debate each other, and resort to tactics that do little to move the conversation forward.

On this week’s episode I sit down with the fabulous and hilarious Sandra Battaglini. We talk about her perspective of being a female comedian in a male dominated profession. Are women getting less chances than they deserve, or are there just less women doing it?

On this episode I sit down and talk with comedian Jarrett Campbell, who is also one of the hosts of the Rude Dudes podcast.  We discuss Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, and break down why he is not an “every man.”  We also talk about made up words like “mansplaining” and “manterupting” and why they have such a negative effect on society.

This week on the show I sit down with the hilarious and thoughtful comedian, Pat Burtscher. We discuss the new Ghostbusters movie, and the announcement of an all female remake of Ocean’s 11. Is making a movie remake with all women really hurting the whiny men who love the originals, or is it actually hurting women?

This week on the show I sit down the most banned man in comedy, Boyd BanksBoyd talks about his life as a comic with an edge, and how he hopes he ruins peoples nights.  We talk about the Mike Ward case, after a ruling by the Human Rights Tribunal, ordering Ward to pay the target of one of his jokes $35,000.

This week on the show I sit down Canadian comedy legend Kenny Robinson.  We discuss Hilary and Bernie.  Black lives matter, and the less popular All Lives matter, and Kenny gives the unique point of view only he can.