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In this overly sensitive world, people are too often asked, or forced to censor themselves. Comedian, Nick Beaton, refuses to accommodate this request. He will take on all topics as he sees fit. His guests will come from all over the entertainment community, and beyond. Listen, as with the help – or detriment of – his guests, as he attempts to logically deconstruct the absurd world we live in. As a comedian who has toured all over the world, and uses his hard hitting, logical style, to change the way people look at the world, Nick Beaton warns you before you listen, this is not a safe space! Music credit to

Tom Simmons is an American comic from the south who also happens to be a liberal. We talk about his tour “The American Heretics” as well as the state of things in America.

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Facebook: American Heretics Comedy Tour

This week on This Is Not A Safe Space it’s a crossover episode with the podcast Fade To Brown with host Amish Patel. He interviews me on my white privilege, we talk Trump, immigrants, the environment and lots of other stuff.

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On this episode I talk to comedian Clare Belford. We talk about safe space comedy shows, and her experiences in comedy, and a lot more.

On this episode, I chat with Alan Park of Conspiracy Queries and Royal Canadian Air Farce. We discuss several conspiracy theories, their validity, and whether or not people should take everything at face value, or ask a few more questions.
On this episode, I chat with my good friend Bobby Mair. A Canadian comedian making his home in the U.K. We dissect Milo, from his appearance on Bill Maher to his recent comments dug up off of the bowels of the internet.

On this episode I sit down with Hunter Collins and talk about Katie Rich getting fired from SNL, and more Trump horse shit.

This week’s episode is an inauguration special. I talk with Joseph Ianni, a real live Trump supporter. It’s interesting…

This week I sit down with my good friend Peter White. We talk about the Edinburgh fringe, living in the U.K, and Meryl Streep!

This week I sit down with the wonderful Chris Locke. In this fairly directionless conversation we talk a little Trump, and a lot of nonsense.

On this episode I sit down with my good friend, and funny comedian Cal Post. We talk the Trump election. How could it happen?  Is this the beginning of the end?  We don’t really answer these questions.