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Speech Bubble: Shawn Daley

episode 44  of  Speech Bubble
Shawn Daley came to comics through the unlikely path of music. As an audio intern at a recording studio, he was exposed to his boss’s comic book collection. While powering through classics like Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, Watchmen and The Walking Dead, he quickly became inspired to create his own comics. Enter TerraQuill, a continent Daley created where his ongoing webcomic of the same name takes place. Completely self-taught, he learned everything he knows about comics making TerraQuill Collected – a collection of short stories all taking place in the TerraQuill universe. Meanwhile, he never completely abandoned music, but these days he composes chiptune soundtracks for 8-bit independent video game projects. Now, he occupies a unique space, as a bridge between Toronto’s large indie comic and indie gaming communities. This episode sponsored by Hairy Tarantula @ShawnDaley Shawn’s website Shawn’s Chiptunes TerraQuill Samurai Grandpa