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Speech Bubble: Ramon Perez

episode 40  of  Speech Bubble
Eisner award-winning comic artist and de-facto patriarch of Toronto’s Raid Studio Ramon Perez (Nova, Hawkeye, Spider-Man: Learn to Crawl) comes by to tell us what it’s like to be called an overnight sensation when you’ve been toiling in the industry for years. Thanks to the awards and accolades for his graphic masterpiece Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, he has now drawn many Marvel icons like Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Nova, Wolverine and the X-Men. He might be in demand like never before, but you’ll hear he has always been uncompromising with his artistic vision, even as a non-name up-and-comer working on his own projects, Butternut Squash and Kukuburi. This episode is sponsored by Hairy Tarantula. @theramonperez Instagram RAID! Studio Ramon’s original art Episode Sponser: Hairy Tarantula.