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Alex Ross engages guests from a myriad of backgrounds to talk shop. Comedians, Actors, musicians and artists of all backgrounds share some insight on life and their mark on their industry. Learn and laugh with some of the best and brightest Toronto has to offer.
Amish Patel is a young hard working comedian diligently producing content in a variety of forms. His standup is excellent, his YouTube videos are well produced and he recently had a pitch accepted by Kevin Hart for the new Laugh Out Loud Network. Check Amish out at

Jordan Foisy is the renaissance-(every)man. He’ll tell you like it is and there’s little to disagree with. His confidence in today’s cultural shortcomings is what makes him enjoyable to chat with. Check out his podcast “Should I Be Scared Of This”. We hope he brings it back!

Two best friends and a bottle of wine, Dave Merheje & Patrick Hakeem come to the NSN studio and chat. Though they have seemingly similar backgrounds culturally, it was the comedy scene in Toronto that paired these two together.

Phil Luzi is our first triple threat: he’s a versatile actor, a hilarious comedian AND a talented director. Phil is a beautiful human inside and out who loves Toronto and the career and opportunities it’s provided him. We discuss him meeting his comedy partner in crime, Canadian comedy royalty Sandra Battaglini, and what it is like being a gay comedy icon in the ever evolving LGBTQ comedy landscape. Our chat with Phil happens fresh from his Toronto Fringe Festival debut directing Born with a Tale starring Helder Brum, another great comedian featured on an earlier episode of RNS!

Ben Miner was destined to be a comedian. Starting in Ottawa he worked on the Tom Green Show, and has since surrounded himself around trend setting comedians until finally becoming one himself. Ben’s comedy sounds like your funny best friend telling you why food is funny and he’s usually right or at least starting a conversation the whole room can agree on and laugh about.

Originally from Montreal, Faisal Butt, has made Toronto his comedy home for the last 6 years. Faisal talks about where his hustle stems from-his newly born baby, his Muslim roots and Pakistani parents and how different his life has been since realizing comedy was his path. Listen to Faisal discuss his peaks and valleys in the industry and his recent accolade–winning the Sirius XM’s Top Comic.

Matt O’Brien is leading the pack of brilliantly weird and fun comedians to come out of Toronto. Matt’s stand up is energetic and excitable, but far from over the top. Matt is simply not afraid to take chances and his audiences quickly latches on for the ride. Matt’s social media pages and YouTube are constantly pumping out new jokes and videos every week. Matt is young and electric and can be seen touring under the Yuk Yuk’s banner all over Canada.

Toronto’s Adam Pal is an entertainer and TV producer on the award winning national show Out There with Melissa DiMarco. Adam’s sense of humour is unmatched, his opinions are sometimes against the grain, but his heart is large. He’s a hard working family man working on his own network

Justin Bruckmann is owner and coach of Bruckmann Martial Arts in Ontario’s Durham region. Justin’s respect for his students and their progress is representative of the martial arts his gym teaches. Justin’s years of experience provides exciting opinions and an unmatched perspective. Justin opens up to us about the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene in Ontario, and what it’s like to coach at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Dan and Helder are staples of the Toronto comedy scene. Regulars at the Comedy Bar and famous for their off the grid ‘Garage Show’, where they curate Canada’s funniest comedians into a garage in the back of someone’s property in downtown Toronto. Their dream is to someday open a UFC-themed restaurant.