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Alex Ross engages guests from a myriad of backgrounds to talk shop. Comedians, Actors, musicians and artists of all backgrounds share some insight on life and their mark on their industry. Learn and laugh with some of the best and brightest Toronto has to offer.

JJ Liberman & Amish Patel are two comedian friends who are both working hard, etching their individual marks in the Toronto comedy scene. JJ has been hitting the stand up hard this past year, making it to the Carolines stage on Broadway in New York City. Amish Patel from makes his second RNS appearance promoting his his upcoming projects including working closely with Kevin Hart. 2017 is a big year for these two. Catch JJ every first Friday of the month at Toronto’s Comedy Bar (enter address) for the extremely raunchy and popular THE DIRTY NORTH.

(Please note this episode is exceptionally explicit and fun).

JJ Liberman @Crayjliberman

Amish Patel @fadetobrown

Jeremy Woodcock is one of Toronto’s secret comedic weapons. A writer for This Hour Has 22 Minutes and CBC Comedy, Jeremy has worked hard in sketch and improv leading to these well deserved opportunities. Jeremy’s docu-series, The Urbane Explorer, highlights his charm and wit while he exposes Toronto’s plethora of adventures. A must watch for any lover of dry humour done right!

Sara Starkman is a fresh face in Toronto’s booming comedy scene. Her blog Schticky Situations has evolved into a budding stand-up comedy career. Sara is raw and unfiltered, easy to digest and one fart joke away from stealing your heart. Sara chats about being raised Jewish and non-religious, her love for all things Asia and how she stole her fiancée from the UK. Sara can be seen every month at her curated comedy show The McQueens of Comedy at McQueens Pub (993 Queen Street East).

After the recent release of his second successful comedy album, Demons Are Eating My Head, Chris Locke continues to prove why he’s one of Toronto’s leading stand-up comedians. Chris is humble, silly, genuine and hungry. This recording occurs right after President Trump was elected, so you get to hear a side of Chris that is unusually disappointed, yet calmingly funny. We discuss his love of Indian cuisine, living in Toronto, his new born, and his incredibly original podcast, Utopia To Me.

Toronto is home to a growing number of Burlesque performers and teachers. This confident community can be seen shedding their beautifully elaborate costumes at a variety of shows downtown. We chat with performer Zyra Lee Vanity about the history of Burlesque and how Toronto is playing an important role for Canadians involved in live performance, art, and expression. With the recent news in Hamilton where a bylaw officer ticketed Burlesque dancers for their performance at a bar, Zyra Lee Vanity gives her own take on working in a progressive art form.

DeAnne Smith is a world class comedian and fellow podcaster who now calls Toronto her home. DeAnne has this amazing ability to make those around her feel at ease with a genuine interest in her audience and collaborators. Toronto is very fortunate to have DeAnne! Just like her new puppy, we have to ask, “Can we keep her?”
DeAnne’s podcast, Questionable at Best can be heard at

Winnipeg’s Garrett Jamieson is one of the kindest and equally funny comedians residing in Toronto. Always happy to work and collaborate with other artists, Garrett is coordinating his very own showcase featuring painters, magic and live music. The event will feature art by Garrett and Charlotte Mars, Magic from “The Amazing” Nick Reynoldson and performances including comedian Todd Graham.

Mark Little is just as funny as he is humble. Mark is surely becoming a great Canadian name having worked on some of the most popular comedy projects in Canada including CBC’s Mr. D. Mark helped open the sketch comedy doors in Halifax with the troupe Picnicface, he’s been featured on Just For Laughs & Yuk Yuk’s. You can see him regularly at Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre with the sketch super group GET SOME featuring Jeremy Woodcock, Miguel Rivas, Alex Tindal & Laura Cilevetz.

Standing at 6’6″ sincere comedian Kyle Hickey is fueled by hecklers, donairs and hardboiled eggs. Kyle’s album “experimental phase” reached #1 on iTunes only a few years after moving to Toronto from Halifax to advance his career in stand-up. Kyle has stories like an old roadie and advice for all the Internet trolls looking for comedians to “follow” on social media. Catch Kyle at Yuk Yuk’s regularly throughout Toronto and the rest of Canada.

Filmmakers Mariah Owen & writer/actress Brittany Johnson (Dark Matter, Murdoch Mysteries) are two of the hardest working people in the entertainment industry. Their new short film Expiry Date is coming soon to a screen near you. Until then, have a listen to how these two amazing women have been working hard in one of the most difficult industries in Canada–and they tell you how you can too!