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CDOS: RIM CRIM 001 – David Liebe Hart

episode 26  of  CDOS
It’s a sprecial sneak preview for the CDOS fanbase: the first episode of Corey and Dylan’s new podcast series “RIM CRIM”! RIM CRIM is an interview series of all the infamous faces and names from the Tim and Eric comedy universe. On this first episode we have the one and only David Liebe Hart! You may know David from his puppeteering on Tim and Eric Awesome Show and cameo appearances in Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule, but today Corey and Dylan burrow beneath that Corinian surface to see what David’s up to. We talk about David’s latest tour, Zach Galifianrakis, his top celebrity crushes and get some interesting intel on what happens behind-the-scenes at ABSOLUTELY Productions, and even some sad news about a beloved Tim and Eric player.