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Corey Caplan and Dylan Rakowsky are cousins. Corey’s father and Dylan’s mother are siblings. Were it not for a number of shared interests and personality traits their only link would be a common bloodline. One of those shared interests include Podcasts and the act of Podcasting. This is Corey and Dylan’s Podcast, and they’re talking about all kinds

It’s a sprecial snreak preview for the CDOS fanbase: the first episode of Corey and Dylan’s new podcast series “RIM CRIM”! RIM CRIM is an interview series of all the infamous faces and names from the Tim and Eric comedy universe. On this first episode we have the one and only David Liebe Hart! You may know David from his puppeteering on Tim and Eric Awesome Show and cameo appearances in Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule, but today Corey and Dylan burrow beneath that Corinian surface to see what David’s up to. We talk about David’s latest tour, Zach Galifianrakis, his top celebrity crushes and get some interesting intel on what happens behind-the-scenes at ABSOLUTELY Productions, and even some sad news about a beloved Tim and Eric player.

We start off with amphibians and a soooooothing explanation of why the hell it takes us so long to release episodes. Seriously, it’s a good explanation if your idea of a good explanation is a bad explanation. Then well…PRINCE. We’re glad that this podcast isn’t released so late as to missed the boat on that one #toosoonguys. And then Corey and Dylan review Neil Hamburger’s latest film ENTERTAINMENT (starting at like 8:43 if that’s all you’re interested in *sniff). They discuss the future of CDOS which involves dreams about Tommy Wiseau. Some cool audio-improvisational stuff later (its real bad trust me) and finally a tribute to Phife Dawg that makes Dylan crycry like Kriskris!

Slap happy new year CDOS listeners! We hope the three of you (including Corey and Dylan) had a mildly enjoyable holiday season. This week: Corey, Dylan and second-time guest and humanitarian / pop-culture man extraordinate Colin Scheyen review Dylan’s favourite cinema-movie, 1985′s “intricate beast of an effing movie” (says Corey) – BRAZIL! We go deep into the creation and legacy of Gilliam’s classic fantastical incompetent dystopia, and even get visited by Nohtsam Lowry, a robot from somewhere in the 20th century! This episode’s meaningless hashtag is #AndThenTheScreenFlashedBlueAndPink

If you think CDOS tried your patience in the pas, YOU WERE RIGHT. In this episode (which you should probably begin at exactly 5 minutes) Dylan kicks things off with a perfect sound effect. They practice their swears and then Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Suicide Squad Deadpool Milpool we didn’t go to Comic Con shut up. Bjork makes a really brief cameo and then (30:00 in) we call a MAGIC UNICORN and make time for the first informative installment of #DrewsNews! Also sign up for the CDOS Jeffrey challenge! Inquire without.

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On the 20th episode of CDOS, Never Sleeps Network head honcho Alex Ross returns as guest and lets it all hang out literally and figuratively.

CDOS 016 CDUMMUS episode 16

Corey and Dylan take a trip down the hummus hole, embarking on a mission to find the tastiest hummus (out of a selection of a few brands).

Corey and Dylan welcome comic Ryan Maglunob to the CDOScast (wait, what?).

Corey and Dylan continue their journey into the nether regions of sound while trying to up their Podcast rank with a predictable title.

It’s a CDOS Holiday Special! This week Corey and Dylan talk about hhfhfh&&****yfhfhjfjfjjei33878733didjfnvjckckdjjiuhiiUYTR$#@@@#$^&hfhfhficjawhiuahfn