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Listen to Blue Suit Thursdays every week with hosts Crystal and Jessica-Lauren as they chat about the week in media and Toronto! Send us your suggestions for topics at

The girls invite Cockadoodles creators Connor Thompson and Chris Elphick to celebrate their very adult colouring book. <– More info on Cockadoodles

This week has been so busy for the girls so they take a quick lunch break to record an episode. Enjoy!

Honesty is the best policy.

Mandy Mayham joins us and talks Kensington Market Karaoke rap battles, her cheerleading career turned comedic actress and… her show on Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Show MUTHA!

The guy with Good(Life) intentions but you can never get your act right.

Back from the Christmas holiday Crystal and Jessica-Lauren try to better themselves with #AntiResolutions and #SoberTillSummer mantras. It’s only the first week of 2017 so hopefully they can stick to it!

I bet you think this podcast is about you.

Blogger and dog whisperer Daniella Beca talks about her new lifestyle blog and spills the tea on more personal stories of ex bae’s and side tings on

Closing on year one. Crystal and Jessica-Lauren talk shop by request.

As guest month continues we invite the guy who has the best job ever – editing our show every week! Joseph comes to the studio and drops a daily dose of highs and lows on us.

That moment when you remember everything from the night before.