Former Toronto Comics Anthology and current Chapterhouse Publishing editor Allison O’Toole returns to Speech Bubble with a groundbreaking new project. Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women features an all-female and non-binary cast of comic creators telling monster stories from their own perspectives. Following in the footsteps of other recent comic anthologies written and drawn from a minority point-of-view, Wayward is still something the mainstream comic industry has never seen, much less attempted, at a time when new readers are hungering for something more. Allison brings her assistant editor and former Marvel intern Margot Blankier and contributor Lorena Loaiza to the studio and the three discuss their love of The Gothic, why work like this is needed now and has already proven profitable and how this anthology widens the definition of monster to those who are already perceived that way by society. The Wayward Sisters Kickstarter is live until Nov. 10, 2017. The episode is sponsored by Hairy Tarantula.

Wayward Sisters Kickstarter (Donate until Nov. 10, 2017)

@wsanthology Instagram

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Wayward Sisters Website

Lorena’s Instagram

BBC article on The Castle of Otranto (The first Gothic Tale)

Manhwa (Korean Manga)

The Shadow Over Innsmouth (The H.P. Lovecraft story that inspired M. Blankier’s story “Low Tide”)

The H.P. Lovecraft Archive

The Lives, Deaths and Afterlives of Judy Garland (This changed M. Blankier’s Life)

Guillermo Del Toro: At Home with Monsters

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


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