Parker & Seville is an award-winning sketch duo from Toronto. Previous winners of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival’s “Sketchiest Sketch Troupe” Award. They got their start in 2007 as a vaudeville act, performing Abbot and Costello-like routines before expanding their act to include a variety of different characters. Dave Barclay (Parker) and Matt Kowall (Seville) met at Humber College in 2005 in the Comedy Writing and Performance Program. A few months later they wrote their first sketch together, “Grade Two Boys News”, and have been collaborating ever since. In October 2014, Parker & Seville founded a new troupe with 4 other sketch comedians named O Dat Dum. It has gone on to great success, winning the 2015 Sketchiest Sketch Troupe Award and the 2016 Producers’ Pick Award, both at Toronto Sketchfest.

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