Malcolm Derikx aka Miike and Todd Sullivan met as classmates at Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp. Both fans of old gangster movies and noir, they always wanted to work together, but other projects got in the way. Malcolm helped found the Toronto Comics Anthology and Hogtown Horror and Todd was teaching animation as a former animator on Tiny Toon Adventures and Darkwing Duck. Eventually they did come together for a gangster romp called Tommy Gun Banshee featuring an assassin named Nicky who is haunted by a whaling banshee who can only be drowned out by the Rat-tat-tat of his Tommy Gun. The two come to Speech Bubble to pimp their Kickstarter for the project and geek out over how war always seems to spawn a criminal element throughout history.

Tommy Gun Banshee Kickstarter



Toronto Comics Anthology

Hogtown Horror


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