Hey, Fan Persons! In another installment of our Comics on Comics series, Steve Kerzner is the creative force and executive producer behind the big personality that is Ed the Sock. Children of the 1990s to mid 2000s will remember Ed as the acerbic and outspoken puppet hosting programs on MuchMusic like Fromage – his annual take down of pop culture and Ed and Red’s Night Party, his late-night show with co-host and co-creator Liana K on CityTV. Steve comes to Speech Bubble to let his geek flag fly, revealing that his house is decked out with all kinds of comic book memorabilia and his wedding band is the jewel encrusted crest of his favourite hero – Superman. He talks about the opportunity Ed gave him to meet his heroes including Stan Lee – who he pitched a comic about his superhuman childhood cleaning lady. We also talk about why, for him, DC heroes are heroes thanks to the purity of their morality and why the moral ambiguity of the largely failed DCEU doesn’t work for him. Plus, here the true story of how Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ripped him off, his take on the #MeToo and “Cosplay is not Consent” movements and the genesis of the new YouTube show Ed the Sock Lives! This episode sponsored by Hairy Tarantula.


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Episode Sponsor: Hairy Tarantula


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