As Wonder Woman hits theaters this week, we present a woman who champions and embodies many of her best qualities as a great admirer of the character. Stephany Lein grew up as a child whose circumstances forced her to be almost completely self-sufficient, independent and strong in the face of familial adversity. She now passes on many of the lessons she learned and the coping mechanisms she had to the children who read her independent all ages comics work. There’s Strays, which is about a girl who finds the love of a dog after being kicked out of the house when she comes out to her parents. Then there’s Shelly, her upcoming project about a rebellious preteen girl who confronts heavy issues like bullying and a friend’s death from leukemia. As Stephany says, “Kids can handle it. We shouldn’t baby them.” This episode is brought to you by Hairy Tarantula.


Stephany’s Instagram

Stephany’s website

Altered States Comics (Stephany’s the artist in residence)

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Stephany’s Deviant Art Page

Stephany’s Comixology

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