Welcome family, friends, fans & foes. This is Talk ’N Wrestling. Join your host Casey Corbin. A life long pro wrestling fan and an acclaimed Canadian comedian. (The Comedy Network Presents: Casey Corbin Comedy Now Uncensored, CBC Halifax Comedy Fest, Just For Laughs) as he has guests in the NSN Studio doing what he loves the most…Talk ’N Wrestling!!

ISSUE #15…Rudy Blair. Rudy Blair of Rudy Blair Media is a Toronto broadcasting legend. 23 years as 680News as the Music & Entertainment Reporter, he’s interviewed everyone from Gordon Lightfoot to Jay Z. He’s even interviewed a few wrestlers in his time. Ric Flair made him an honorary member of the Four Horseman & Kevin Nash made him an honorary member of the NWO. Rudy’s telling us stories of growing up in Toronto and going to the WWF cards at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. We discuss making our own championship belts as well as that time Rudy was Owen Hart’s manager at a Toronto Skydome house show when he was wrestling Edge. True Story! So spend an hour or so hanging out with us on Talk ’N Wrestling, where wrestling and comedy collide!

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