Rebecca Diem is a co-organizer of Comic Shop Ladies Night, a pop-up after hours social just for the ladies, held at a rotating list of comic shops across Toronto. She’s also the author of a series of popular, self-published steampunk adventure novellas titled Tales of Captain Duke. After running through the early influences and inspirations that got her into comics and writing, which range from Archie and Saved by the Bell to Neil Gaiman and the Sunday Funnies, her grandma sent her, we get into the process behind and inspiration for Captain Duke. This episode will also give listeners a very layered explanation as to what steampunk actually is. Here we explore its role in reclaiming progressive ideas in a romanticized past and how some with disabilities adopt the aesthetic for empowerment. Then we move on to Comic Shop Ladies Night and dispel the notion that comics were ever or always a male-dominated fandom. This episode is sponsored by Hairy Tarantula.

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Comic Shop Ladies Night

Episode Sponsor: Hairy Tarantula


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