As regular listeners to this podcast will know, it’s no secret that our host is a huge Sandman fan and works in a Sandman reference in almost every episode. So when he heard Nicholas Brown and Evan Henderson were making a 35-minute fan film adapting Sandman #6: “24 Hours” called Sandman: 24-hour Diner, Aaron had to have them on the show. The film screens on June 25, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Toronto’s Royal Cinema. Then, at midnight, it will be released on Vimeo for the whole world to see. This episode of Speech Bubble serves as a primer for the movie, with behind-the-scenes tidbits, cool on set anecdotes and the story of how the film got made, as only the filmmakers can bring it to you. Plus, learn about Evan’s weird connection to Neil Gaiman and why Ken Lashley (X-Men Prime) was an early mentor to him. This episode sponsored by Hairy Tarantula.

Sandman: 24-Hour Diner Trailer

BlogTO’s Sandman: 24-Hour Diner Screening Announcement

Sandman: 24-Hour Diner Official Facebook Page

Sandman #6 “24 Hours” Digital Comic

Sandman: 24-Hour Diner Facebook Event

Comic Book Resources names Sandman #6 “24 Hours” scariest comic
of all-time!

Sandman #6 DC Comics Wiki Page

Shot at Ted’s Restaurant

Episode Sponsor: Hairy Tarantula


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