Matthew is the former long-running artist of the Mr.Monitor comic strip in Broken Pencil Magazine – Canada’s national magazine for D.I.Y. Arts and zine culture. He and his long-time collaborator Cory McCallum (known collectively as Pier Pants Productions) won a Joe Shuster award in 2013. called the Gene Day award, denoting their Mr. Monitor short comic, The Pig Sleep, the best independent comic of that year. They’ve also collaborated on a number of other comics, including Errol Dynamic – a scifi space adventure with a theme song you can hear as part of this episode. Speaking of music, in this episode Daley reveals how he and McCallum made mini comics breaking down different styles of music – effectively blowing Aaron’s mind. Daley also talks about how he found his surrealist geometric drawing style and how teen angst and resentment of Batman bandwagon jumpers in 1989 led him to move away from being influenced by Superhero comics into being influenced by indie work like Chester Brown’s Yummy Fur and Mike Kaluta’s Metropolis. This episode sponsored by Hairy Tarantula. For 10% off geeky pop culture t-shirts visit and enter code NEVERSLEEPS at checkout.

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Plier Pants/Mr. Monitor

The Errol Dynamic Theme Song (heard in this episode)

Broken Pencil presents Mr. Monitor

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