Welcome family, friends, fans & foes. This is Talk ’N Wrestling. Join your host Casey Corbin. A life long pro wrestling fan and an acclaimed Canadian comedian. (The Comedy Network Presents: Casey Corbin Comedy Now Uncensored, CBC Halifax Comedy Fest, Just For Laughs) as he has guests in the NSN Studio doing what he loves the most… Talk ’N Wrestling!!!

Issue #8…Boxing vs.Wrestling with Lou Eisen.

Today we’ve got comedian turned boxing journalist Lou Eisen. Lou writes for Ringside Report, has been a contributor for Ring Magazine & is a boxing commentator for TSN. As a comedian he’s made appearances on CBC & the Comedy Network. With Mayweather boxing UFC star Connor Mcgregor this weekend, we’ve decided this is the perfect time to look at all those times that boxing & wrestling have locked up in the squared circle. So spend an hour or so hanging out with us on Talk ’N Wrestling, where wrestling and comedy collide!!!

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