Recorded live over breakfast at the Halibut House in Burlington, Ontario Canada, Keith Grachow is an independent comic artist whose credits include Concrete Martians, Saltwater, Polybius Dream and the independent children’s book series Up in the Sky written by his mom Amy. Exposed to comics and graphic design at a very young age, he didn’t start embracing his artistic side until the final year of high school. He talks about overcoming his hangups and fear around doing comics professionally and what it took to fully commit. Though he’d joined Bright Anvil Studios, it wasn’t until he moved to Japan that his desire to do comics kicked into high gear. He also talks about letting go of the dream of working for DC and Marvel and what it takes to finance his indie work. Plus, he talks about what it’s like working with his mom and with a 13-year-old on a comic called Weapon Warriors. Oh, and he loves craft beer!

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Order Concrete Martians (Part 1) (Part 2)

Polybius Dreams


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Weapon Warriors

JnK Imagery (the business Keith owns with his wife Jenn)

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