Welcome Family, Friends, Fans & Foes. This is Talk ’N Wrestling. Join your host Casey Corbin. A lifelong pro wrestling fan and an acclaimed Canadian comedian. (The Comedy Network Presents: Casey Corbin Comedy Now Uncensored, CBC Halifax Comedy Fest, Just For Laughs) as he has guests in the NSN Studio doing what he loves the most… Talk ’N Wrestling!!

Welcome to issue #5. Join us with guest The Man Mountain Of Comedy, K Trevor Wilson. I chat with the Letterkenny star about Cody Rhodes, the current Indie scene. Running into Rene Dupree at a WCPW card. Jessie Ventura, our appreciation of great commentary. Roast Battles and how comedy compares to wrestling and our mutual love for Sarah Silverman. So spend an hour hanging out with us on Talk ’N Wrestling, where wrestling and comedy collide!

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