Issue #18…Jon Dore & Jason Harper.

I started comedy in Ottawa back in the 90’s and two of the guys I came up with are on the show today. Jason Harper has been seen on the comedy network, has performed at Just For Laughs twice and has appeared in an episode of The Jon Dore Television Show. Jon Dore has been seen on Conan many times. Also he’s the same Jon Dore that has that television show mentioned earlier. Today we talk wrestling conspiracies, wrestling characters that have occupations and we discuss Trump in the WWE Hall of Fame and Hulk Hogan not in the WWE Hall of fame. So join us for all the chips, dips and Irish Whips. So spend an hour or so hanging out with us on Talk’N’Wrestling, where wrestling and comedy collide!

Casey Corbin

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Jason Harper doing Stand-Up

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Jon Dore on Conan

Jon Dore in PedoFire Sketch from HBO’s Funny As Hell

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