ISSUE #16 Boomer Phillips & Jason Rouse

This issue is out of control. Jason is the Court Jester From Hell. He’s been seen on Andrew Dice Clay’s The Blue Show on Showtime and has a very offensive, funny podcast called Jason Rouse’s Safe Word. Boomer, is equally as offensive. My old
roommate is a comedic actor who was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for his role in the movie Bounty Hunters starring Trish Stratus. He’s a former star on Video On Trial on Much in Canada. He can currently be seen on Crave TV’s Letterkenny. Boomer shares stories of his bar tending days when wrestlers used to come into his bar and he’d joke with them and entertain them. One time on a WWF/Molson Beer promotion Boomer had to share his bar with a guest bartender…Lita. I’m going to admit, it was hard to keep wrestling on track on this one. But like a Dog Collar Chain Match, it’s utter chaos yet fully entertaining. So spend an hour or so hanging out with us on Talk’N’Wrestling, where wrestling and comedy collide!

Jason Rouse

Jason Rouse with Trish Stratus in the Ring

Andrew Dice Clay’s The Blue Show

Jason Rouse’s Safe Word

Boomer Phillips Instagram

Boomer Phillips in Bounty Hunters

Boomer Phillips IMDB


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