Inspired by Robert Crumb, Crad Kilodney, Art Spiegelman, Seth and other alternative cartoonists, Chester Brown uses his autobiographical comics work to confront issues that he’s currently wrestling with or make him uncomfortable. Whether it was the use of scatological humour in Ed the Happy Clown, his relationship with women and his own mother in I Never Liked You or his journey to becoming a John in Paying For It, it’s easier for him to unpack his own hang ups when they’re made public. Brown talks about how he initially broke into comics with the self-published Yummy Fur, why his art style owes a lot to Harold Gray, the man who behind the Little Orphan Annie comic strip and why being a John makes him more comfortable than being a boyfriend, even though his current arrangement isn’t all that different from the traditional relationship he’s trying to avoid. Plus, Brown teaches Aaron how he deals with negative self-talk and criticism of his work.

Chester Brown’s Patreon

Drawn and Quarterly (Chester’s Publisher)

NPR Review of Chester’s Latest, “Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus”

Yummy Fur on Wikipedia


Philosophers that inspire Chester:

Robert Anton Wilson

Colin Wislon

Byron Katie

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