Timmins, Ontario native Brendan Montgomery was a Queen’s University student who thought for sure that a campus with over 200 student groups would certainly have a club for comic book fans. When it turned out that wasn’t the case, he started a club himself. The Queen’s Comic Book Legion meets every week on campus to discuss the latest issues coming out that week, they sell comics at an on-campus comic shop and they’ve even published their own graphic novel featuring Queen’s very own superhero team. Gael Force is a fully Kickstarter backed graphic novel featuring a superhero team of the same name that protects the student body and reflects the diversity among them. In promotion of the book, Brendan started going to comic conventions and discovered there were a ton of self-published Canadian comic books out there, but no central resource to learn more about them, so he started the Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki where anyone can contribute information about Canadian independent comics past and present. This episode sponsored by Hairy Tarantula


Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki Homepage

@cancomicswiki (Instagram)


Brendan Montgomery’s Art

Gael Force Kickstarter

Queen’s Comic Book Legion Homepage

Queen’s Comic Book Legion Facebook Group

Sponsored by: Hairy Tarantula


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