Last episode we talked to artist Gibson Quarter and this one features his Quid Pro Quo collaborator and fellow RAID studiomate — writer Anthony Falcone. Anthony has written everything from novels to screenplays, but he is perhaps best known as the writer of the Northguard comic book for Canadian publisher Chapterhouse. Find out how original Northguard co-creator Mark Shainblum passed down the writing chores of the newly rebooted series to Anthony and how integrated the hero into the Chapterhouse Universe. Then we discuss what it’s really like to work at RAID and the new studio anthology RAID.ONE where Anthony also collaborated with Marcus To (Nightwing, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Ramon Perez (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand) on some original stories he has big plans for. Finally, we discuss his first novel Comic Con-men, its planned sequel and the true keys to his prodigious productivity. After you listen to our conversation, don’t forget to check out Anthony’s own writing podcast, Storybeater with fellow Chapterhouse scribe Andrew Wheeler (Freelance).

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@Afalconewriter – Twitter

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