Alfonso Espinos was born and raised in Mexico where, over 20 years ago, he launched Studio Comix Press to self-publish The Night Spike, a cartoon, superhero parody comic. It could’ve just been another obscure Spanish-language imprint, but then he met his wife and moved to Kitchener, Ontario where things got a lot more challenging. The jokes in The Night Spike didn’t immediately properly translate from Spanish to English, so he sat watching Canada’s Comedy Network for hours taking notes just to understand Canada’s sense of humour. His drive did not end there. Most comic creators rest on one successful comic, but now there’s 12 being published under the Studio Comix Press banner. Espinos didn’t rest on his laurels there either. He prints comics for fellow creators, including some non-Cerebus work from Dave Sim, produces educational colouring and activity books for children and will soon open a comic shop selling only Canadian independent comics. How does he do it all? Listen and find out. This episode is sponsored by Hairy Tarantula. Want to win some Studio Comix Press comics? Like or Follow @SpeechBubblePod on social media and comment #StudioComixPress for your chance to win.


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The Night Spike

Heroes Manufactured starring Alfonso Espinos

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