Our Team

In case you were wondering who this Alex Ross guy is and what his minions are all about…

Alex Ross: Founder

Alex Ross PortraitNever Sleeps Network is the brainchild of Alex Ross. Obsessed with connecting talented people, Alex quickly discovered his competency as a producer. With over ten years of working in the Canadian world of broadcasting with almost every major network, his talent for connecting the right people and the right projects now takes shape in his own podcast network. Never Sleeps Network is an homage to the artistic night owl and a place where Toronto’s budding talent can interact with the rest of the world.

Alex Ross featured in Toronto Metro: Check out the article!



Joseph Ianni: Editor and Post Manager

Branching off from the budding comedy community circa 2007, Joseph has been involved in podcasting ever since. In that time he has produced over 300 episodes. He’s currently involved in fifteen different projects. He’s a workshop instructor for Humber College and the Toronto Public Library, he’s been referred to as a wizard of podcasting and has kept count of how many people have called him a genius, currently it’s at ten with a one person margin of error.




Lucas Roppo: Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer

Lucas Roppo is a recent marketing graduate from the Ted Rogers program at Ryerson University. With his creative capabilities and understanding of audiences, he is able to produce captivating promotional material for all of NSN’s content.